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How-to “Optimize” the New Description Field in Google My Business

Guidelines for adding Business Description:

Published content should highlight what makes the business unique. You can use this field to provide useful information on services and products offered as well as the mission and history of your business.

The Do Not List For “Optimizing” Your Business Description

Don’t Keyword Stuff: It’s not used in the ranking algorithm. There’s no point in stuffing it with keywords. In fact, if you do stuff it with keywords, you could potentially get your listing flagged for spam.It’s not going to benefit if you stuff it with keywords. It could potentially cause a penalty. Don’t keyword stuff.

Don’t Use ALL CAPS: No all caps content. It’s like you’re shouting. That could get the listing suspended. The way you should look at the description field is you should imagine that the business doesn’t have a website and the only information you can provide your customer about your business is that description field. It’s your pitch. You’re trying to sell them on the benefits of your business.

Don’t Use Links in Your Copy: You can not add URL in the description field. No links are allowed.

Focus on special promotions, prices: Don't include promotional content.

The Description is Not Used in the Ranking Algorithm: It’s not used in the ranking algorithm. It is used to detect spam. You might want to consider even hiring a copywriter to write an original, entertaining and enticing Google description. You’re selling your business. Don’t use just a short little one-liner sentence.

Follow the steps below to locate and edit your business description.

1. Log in to your admin Google+ account 2. Click the top right corner to navigate to the administrated business page you would like to update 3. From your business posts page, click to edit your profile information 4. Fill in a new description field

With these simple guidelines your Google My Business page will be on track! For more marketing options contact JJC Marketing Solutions

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