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Online marketing is essential to give your business the publicity it needs. There is nothing more important than online advertising, which is why you should consider hiring a digital marketing company for your web design and other aspects of your marketing. Wherever you’re based out of, it’s important to reach people locally and around the world. Here at JJC Marketing Solutions, we can help you with your online marketing to reach the broader audience your business needs.



Our team is highly qualified in the art of web design and online advertising. Whether you’re in Sanford, Winter Springs, Lake Mary, Winter Park or Deltona, we can help your business reach the audience you want. Our digital marketing services are sure to help your business, whether its big or small, get the boost it needs. So give us a call today and let us help your business. Here at JJC Marketing Solutions, we are dedicated to helping your business and sticking with you and your business through online marketing. Our goal is to increase your visibility so you can effectively reach your target audience.

Who We Are:

The internet is essentially a digital market place full of unlimited virtual real estate! JJC Marketing solutions specializes in grabbing our client's a piece of this real estate by doing the following steps: 

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: We help our customers by creating domains & setting up web hosting through partnerships with industry leaders. *We also will NEVER take ownership of your domain like so many National agency do. 

BUILDING YOUR STORE/OFFICE SPACE:  We take pride in building high-quality websites which are easily customizable, mobile ready, and full of features! Your website is the virtual office or store front your customer's see and we want your website to accurately reflect our brand through good content, eye catching graphics, and easy navigation.

TRAFFIC: Would you build your physical office or store front in out in the woods OR  on the corner of a busy intersection? Unless your target market goes out to the woods a lot, most businesses would pick the busy intersection! Why? Traffic!! 

With our SEO (search engine optimization) service, we help get you on the busy corner of the internet by getting your ranked on Google and Bing! 

GET SOCIAL: It's never been easier to engage to with your customers or with your customer's to engage with you because of the rise of social media. Not only does social media also help drive traffic but it also helps you get information directly to your customer base and learn from them what their needs are. 


We will help you create a social media strategy to ensure your business is using the right platforms for your unique needs.  

ONLINE BILLBOARDS: It's We help our customers reinforce their branding, promote their services or products, and engage new customers through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We help create and manage paid online ad campaigns on Google and social medial platforms so your business will be noticed!

BRANDING: We help our customers create or reinvent their brand through our graphic design and logo creation services.  We offer multiple revisions of high quality images to include vector and PNG files. 


At JJC Marketing Solutions we off a wide range of online marketing services. On our site you can see company history, website examples, client testimonials, package descriptions and much more!


Sometimes a business just needs help with social media. We know how to post professionally and study user reactions to business page campaigns. 


Others want to get found on Google, the world's most popular search engine. Whatever your needs are, we are hear to help. Contact us and 


Get found today.

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