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about us

At JJC Marketing Solutions, we are a family-owned business that has been providing digital marketing services to small businesses in Florida since 2013. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the competition in the digital age, and we strive to offer our clients affordable and customized solutions that are designed to meet their individual needs.

Our team is experienced in all areas of digital marketing, from SEO, to website design  and content creation. We are committed to helping our clients succeed and grow their businesses, and we look forward to partnering with you.

About Us

We are a family owned business based out of Central Florida business who has been helping Florida small businesses with their digital marketing needs since 2013. 


As a family owned business, our business model is based on the foundations of a strong family. In fact, JJC stands for the initials of our 3 children: Jordan, Jacob, and Cooper.

For this reason, we look at our clients as family because we know what it means to take a risk and start a business. We know every dollar spent is valuable. We know how important your business is to your family too!


We believe in building relationships through faith, trust, compassion, and accountability. We bring these beliefs into the services we offer and take pride in delivering personalized service to each and every customer.


"Your business is our business." Once we begin working for your company, we take a vested interest in how well your business performs. We take joy in seeing our client's businesses prosper and take it personally if they do not. This is why we will work hard every day for you. Going above and beyond to ensure we are delivering quality products that deliver results. Have faith in knowing we believe in doing what's right because it's right & will always do our best to give our customer's the best possible service and products.

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