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MARKETING ABCs: Hyperlinks

Online Marketing Terms

Hyperlinks: This term is a link when clicked will take you somewhere else. A hyperlink can take you another page in your own website, another website, another place in your website, and to a document or picture.


Why Are Hyperlinks Important?

To understand the importance of hyperlinks we have to point out the main goal of this important digital marketing tool. The goal of hyperlinks are to create connections! Connections which link data, images, pages, videos, and various other content. Without hyperlinks, the internet

would not be successful and SEO would be ineffective. Hyperlinks are what both the internet and SEO strategies have been built upon.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): One of the most important ways to improve your ranking with SEO, is to have good "backlinks". Backlinks are other websites linking back your site. Why is this so important? It's so important because it tells search engines your website is trustworthy and the reputation of any search engine is built on the trust of their results.



Types of Links

Image Links

Text Links

External Links

Anchor links

Fat Links

Hot Links

Internal Links

Image Links: This is link in image form that when clicked will take you to it's intended source.

Text Links: When you think of hyperlinks, this is probably what you image in your mind. AKA A usually blue underlined link that what clicked connects you to the intended source. This is the most common used type of link. See below as an example:

For info about our web design services, click here.

External Links: This link does just what it implies. It's a hyperlink that takes you to another website.

Anchor Links: This type of hyperlink allows you to jump from one part of a document to another place in the same document.

Fat Links: This is a hyperlink which leads to multiple sources.

Hot Links: This is a bad practice of using another website's bandwidth by linking straight to other site's assets instead of using their own resources.

Internal Links: This is a type of hyperlink which points to page on the same website.


Quick Tips:

  • Keep track of websites with your backlinks to monitor and to return the favor as well!

  • Create good relationships with other industry specialists to build connections.

  • Balance your use of internal and external links.

  • Guest blog to create good backlinks.

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