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MARKETING ABCs: Geo-Targeting

Online Marketing Terms

Geo-Targeting: This is a term used to describe the use of a customer's geographical location to determine where ad content is displayed.


Why Use Geo-Targeting?

Geo-Targeting is a virtual map of targeting your customers. By using data and analytics, you can you this map to build marketing strategies. With geo-targeting, you can direct your content to customers based on your company's specific goals or campaign strategy.

Below are a few common ways in which geo-targeting is used in digital marketing:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): When selecting keywords to optimize, many companies will choose keywords that in include specific regions for a few reasons.

1. Targeting your keywords to a specific region ensures your website is being delivered to relevant customers.

2. Regional keywords can typically be less competitive which can increase your ROI.

For example, when searching for a dentist, you would likely do a search like "search for dentist near me" or "best dentist in Orlando" rather than just search dentist. Google will also pull up a dentist closer to the user to ensure the results are relevant and improve the user's experience.

Ad Campaigns: Using geo-targeting to position ads in specific geographic areas on the internet is important to reach your specific ad campaign goals. This is a common portion of PPC (PayPer Click) campaigns.

For instance, a company focused on introducing a new product and building brand awareness to a specific target market may position those ads based on different geo-targeting data than a business whose goal is to increase conversions with a customer base who is already actively searching for their product or service.


DATA, DATA, DATA: The Importance of Analytics

Market Analysis: There is a wealth of information available through online analytic tools. Below are popular places to obtain online analytics:

Google Analytics

Social Media

Below are links to get started with analytics for some of the most popular social media platforms:

Facebook: Get Started

Instagram: Get Started

Twitter: Get Started


Quick Tips:

  • Utilize Geo-Fencing through the use of mobile users. This basically creates a virtual fence in which your ads will appear only when a user is in our area based on GPA tracking.

  • Make ads creative & relevant to the specific region by using local jargon or interests.

  • Ensure you are targeting regions and keywords that fit into your budget. For instance, a local online retailer will not be able to compete with Amazon for a keyword like, " online shopping". Make it specific and narrow.

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