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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Online Marketing Terms


EMAIL MARKETING The use of email to promote a service or product.


Why use email marketing?

Although email marketing has kind of gotten a bad rap in the past due to the annoyance of spam mail, email marketing is still a good digital marking tool!

According to Oberlo's research, the expected rate of return for each $1 spent on email marketing, a $42 average return is anticipated. (DMA, 2019).

Oberlo also notes a stat stating click rates are shown to increase by 300% when a video has been added.


Below is a good quick tutorial on how to set up email marketing with my favorite web design platform,

Quick Tips:

  • Offer resources such as free templates or eBooks in exchange for a sign-up. *Make sure the free resources are informative and add value.

  • Keep your schedule consistent as this helps build brand recognition and helps keep users engaged.

  • To help boost your conversions with your email marketing campaign, be sure you set the right target audience, use engaging subject lines, and get personal with your audience.

  • Use an email marketing software.

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