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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Online Marketing Terms

DESCRIPTION TAG is an HTML label describing a web page for search engine listings.


What is a good description tag?

A good description tag includes your top 2 keywords and will be a short description of the site when the search results are populated. Michigan Tech gives a great description in Five Ways to Improve your Site's Ranking SEO, by comparing it to a company's window display. Just like an in person window display, you will want to put out a service or product that best represents your products and service while keeping it interesting!

It's important for your SEO that you take the time to put in a good description tag. Search Engine Optimization is largely impacted by the meta tags on each site!


Description Tags In Action

Below is an example of a description tag which includes our main keyword, "online marketing" and our targeted locations.

Quick Tips:

  • Use your tops keywords.

  • Know your target audience (i.e. location, age, gender, etc..)

  • Keep the description under 160 characters

  • Consider putting contact number to make it easy to contact you.

  • Put a new description tag on each page.

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