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How to add a 5 Star Google Review button you your website!

When it comes to online marketing Google Reviews can make a huge difference in how you appear in the maps and how customers make a buying decision. More people read Google Reviews than any other when making a purchase or choosing a service. You know it is true because you also read reviews when YOU are looking for something!

We have discovered an easy way to get more reviews from your website traffic. This process allows users to post 5 star reviews in one click!

Your button can look like this:

When the button is clicked, it looks like this:

A really cool pop up box that automatically populates a 5 star review. All the user has to do is type and post! We will use Great Escapes Travel in Lake Mary as the example. Here is how it is done.

Step 1: You need your phone. The Google Chrome search engine app is best because you can go into incognito mode. For Safari and others just make sure you are logged out. You want to go into incognito mode so that the link you get isn't trying to log in to your account! To go incognito simply open your Chrome app, click the three dots in the top right corner and select New Incognito Tab:

Step 2: Time in your business name. In this case we use Great Escapes Travel.

Then make sure the right business comes up on the map:

Hit the more button and scroll down to the reviews.

Click on the fifth star and then this page will open:

This is the landing page we are looking for. Now double tap the text in the address bar to copy it all.

Open your email and paste the link text into a new email.

It should look similar to this text:

Hit send and now you have the link for a one step Google review! You can add a button to your website and link it to this text. Google requires that you have a gmail account to leave a review so they will have to sign in but typically they will be signed in already. Gmail is the most popular email provider so signing in typically is not an issue. Trust me, you do not want reviews from anonymous sources! You can also add this to an email signature by writing text, right clicking, add hyperlink and paste your link!

I hope this helps your business grow! Call 321-765-7710 with any questions!

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